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We are one of the leading GRC Screen Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE.

GRC Cladding

An expanding number of architects and engineers across the world have come to value GRC’s capacity to be molded into thin, light panels with a wide range of shapes, forms, and surface finishes. The manual spray method is commonly used in the production of GRC cladding panels. As suggested by the name, specialized equipment is used to spray the material into a mold. A panel with incredibly thin, light-weight portions can be made using this technique by producing high-performance materials.

The GRC cladding that we make is of the best quality possible. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Best GRC cladding suppliers in the UAE. When it comes to shape, form, texture, weight, moldability, long-term technical properties, and being a fire-resistant building material, GRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, is one of the most adaptable materials. Numerous tests are put GRC through, and it is making a big difference in the construction industry’s ability to save money, advance technology, and preserve aesthetics.