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Spiral Wine Cellar

Complete Manufacturing and installation services for Spiral Wine Cellar in Dubai, UAE


Zahrat Masafi designed the Spiral Wine Cellar, which is constructed and personalized exclusively throughout the United Arab Emirates. The rotating glass door or the pop-open panel matched to the flooring can be used with a mechanical door to enter the spiral cellar. The Spiral Cellar can serve as an eye-catching display piece or a secret hideout for a priceless collection.

A spiral cellar can be placed above or below ground in a basement or crawlspace and is made of precast concrete modules. In either a new building or renovation project, a spiral cellar can be included.

In the United Arab Emirates, Zahrat Cellars offers complete installation services for Spiral Cellars. We provide exceptional service and will work with you to determine the best position in your house. We will also give your local engineer a generic engineering package, carry your basement to the project site, and install your spiral cellar with the help of a skilled team.

With its pure quality concrete finish, the Zahrat Masafi Spiral Cellar will give any mansion, townhouse, or villa an opulent look. You may totally renovate your house using the Best Spiral Wine Cellar Manufacturer in UAE.